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Guitars = Problems

        Guitars break, get broken, and require maintenance to perform at their peak, just like an automobile. The difference between a good performance and a great performance could very well depend on the setup of your instrument. If you’re a student, a great setup could make the difference if you continue learning or quit in frustration. Going to a recording session? Your guitar better be properly intonated or the producer and/or engineer will most likely embarrass you with statements like “WHAT? You mean you didn’t have your guitar set up beforehand?” or maybe my favorite… “Try another guitar but keep that one in case you ever need a boat paddle.”

         Having played professionally and worked on my guitars for over 30 years, as well as being a career machinist, I feel I have a unique understanding of how your guitar feels translates into how you feel, and inevitably how you play. I have been lucky enough to have lots of friends who’ve shared their tips and tricks with me over the years as well as a couple repairmen who helped me more than I could ever repay. Now, let me help you. Come see me at FULL SCALE GUITAR REPAIR and let me show you the difference between an instrument that merely plays versus one that plays its very best.

My guarantee is really simple: "If I can’t make your guitar perform better than it ever has, you don’t pay." -Dave Harper

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